A veritable exposé of things gay gays know and straight people are occasionally afraid to ask, as requested by @helytimes among many others 👬 🍆🍌
  1. Tops and bottoms
    Tops are pitchers (insertive), while bottoms are catchers (receptive). While some people swear by being totally "vers" (equally interesting in topping and bottoming), many folks gravitate towards one or the other and kinda stay there forever. You can't always tell a top or bot just by looking at a brotha- sometimes the manliest of men just likes it in the butt! Not all tops are dominant and/or masculine, and not all bottoms are submissive queens.
  2. Penises and penis size
    So, yes, gay guys like penises, but ours aren't any different anatomically from straight guys', and just like many women say, size matters to a point, but it's more about the motion of the ocean.
  3. Cruising
    So this does still happen, but it's really more typical of older times when we didn't have the Internet and gay dudes actually had to leave their homes to meet over gay dudes. But basically, cruising is when you're making extended (and hopefully mutual) eye contact with objects of lust in a public place, usually in hopes of bedding them. Cruising can happen anytime, anywhere. (It's probably happening right now to someone as they're reading this)
  4. Booty care
    Since the ass is a center of much activity among gay guys, a certain amount of maintenance is required. This usually entails buying an anal douche for those who really want that fresh-as-a-daisy in their butt feeling (usually administered in the shower), while others may just opt for some Dove soap and water, and a helping hand/finger.
  5. Gaydar
    I like to think I have a good sense about a dude's sexuality within a few minutes of seeing them and interacting with them, but admit I resort to certain generalities when evaluating (dress, mannerisms, taste, body, gait)...but in truth Gaydar doesn't really exist, and it's becoming harder to identify who's gay thanks to society making progress and more diverse types of dudes coming out.
  6. PREP
    PREP is a once a day pill you can take that basically eliminates the chance of your contracting HIV, which is a good thing, but it has led to an increase in the quantity of unprotected sex happening among men since the risk of HIV transmission is almost null. But it does t protect you from herpes or the clap or any of those other fun ones.
  7. Gay apps
    Grindr was the true antecedent to tindr, and the biggest, most popular app for gay dudes to meet (meat) each other, but before Grindr, there was Manhunt, Connexion, & Planet Out among others, and in the wake of Grindr there's now Scruff, squirt and probably some other sites/apps I've never heard of. Either way, gay dudes have been wired in for a long time, and that's probably because it lends itself better to anonymity (great for public figures!)
  8. Gay guys as animals
    Bears are hairy, beefy, and occasionally rotund gay dudes who tend to like other Bears. (Think dom deluise, only gay). otters, on the other hand, are svelte hairy-ish gay guys who tend to be leaner than bears and occasionally stick-thin. Cubs are young bears in the making, usually dudes in their 20s. Silver foxes are just gay dudes who rock the salt and pepper hair. Otter pups are basically the cub equivalent of otters.
  9. To cut or not to cut
    Some gay dudes are super into he uncircumcised, while others don't care either way, and others aren't a fan at all. All a matter of personal preference, but if you hear a gay guy say, "is he cut?" he's Probably not referring to an injury.
  10. Gay guys can fly
  11. "On the DL"
    This expression tends to refer to guys who are gay on the down low, ie still closeted and potentially creating a public perception that they are not, in fact, gay.
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