Requested by Janson Woodlee

India Arie Lyrics That Give Us All Pause (Not)

  1. Strengf, courage and wisdom
    Really, gurl, you're channeling all three? Then stop signing about it and go be amazing.
  2. Brown skin, you know you know my brown skin
    A little presumptuous, but yeah, it's real real nice I guess
  3. Can I walk with you?
    I don't know, are you gonna be an upright difficult biotch the whole time? If so, no.
  4. I am ready for love
    Good for you! GO HAVE SEX
  5. Headed in the right direction
    I beg to differ - you're playing restaurants now for crowds of 75 yuppies
  6. And I only saw a fraction of a fraction of the deepest of the deep ... Of the great blue wide. Brought a tear to my eyes. 💀
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