1. Strengf, courage and wisdom
    Really, gurl, you're channeling all three? Then stop signing about it and go be amazing.
  2. Brown skin, you know you know my brown skin
    A little presumptuous, but yeah, it's real real nice I guess
  3. Can I walk with you?
    I don't know, are you gonna be an upright difficult biotch the whole time? If so, no.
  4. I am ready for love
    Good for you! GO HAVE SEX
  5. Headed in the right direction
    I beg to differ - you're playing restaurants now for crowds of 75 yuppies
  6. And I only saw a fraction of a fraction of the deepest of the deep ... Of the great blue wide. Brought a tear to my eyes. 💀
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee