I'm allowed to say all of this as a half-Jew, so whatevs
  1. Subject placement at the end of sentences, a little bit like yoda
    Ex: "She dances beautifully that girl" or "a powerful man he is!"
  2. Oy gevalt
    Standard speak for "ugh"
  3. Mishegas
    A great word to describe a messy/convoluted situation - "when did all that mishegas with the feinsteins start?"
  4. Kvelling
    To beam with pride over your kin or loved one: "when I saw Juan get his diploma from university of Phoenix, I was kvelling!"
  5. Kvetching
    Complaining. An important part of being Jewish.
  6. Tsuris
    Trouble: "my pedicurist brought so much tsuris into the salon with her hot-mess ways"
  7. Passive aggressive guilt
    A standard technique that plays right into one's heartstrings: "I don't know what I'm going to do Sunday - I'll be all alone and I'm sure you're too busy to visit...."
  8. Bupkes
    Tantamount to "zilch," this phrase literally means goat shit. "Ching left me with bupkes!"
  9. Feh
    General disapproval, kind of like "meh" but meaner. "Wanna go see 'miss saigon?'" "Feh!"
  10. Schmuck/putz
    Jewish for a man who's either an asshole or a stupid idiot/loser. Can frequently be interchangeable!
  11. Goy
    A non Jew (or plural, "goyim")
    Ok this isn't a real one, but more of an anecdotal example of what I heard hundreds of Jewish girls say to waiters on Long Island in the 90s
  13. Irregular/unorthodox syllabic emphasis (We saw ZACHary QuinTO on BeoadWAY in The GLASS Menagerie, oy his eyeBROWS, thick they are.)
    Suggested by @vp