Requested by V.P. Walling

Languages I Can Say "Is the Crabsalad Fresh" In

As you wish, @vp
  1. is de krabsalade verse? (Dutch)
  2. Ist die Krabbensalat frisch? (German)
  3. é a salada de caranguejo fresco? (Portuguese)
  4. Es la ensalada de cangrejo fresco? (Spanish)
  5. NEE: Bring me crabsalat! Ees eet freesh/sweden?
    Suggested by   @vp
  6. Är krabba sallad färska? (Swedish)
  7. È questo insalata de granchio fresco? (Italiano)
    Suggested by   @jansonebwoodlee
  8. Isay theay abcray aladsay eshfray? (Piglatin)
    Suggested by   @vp
  9. C'est fraiche ce crabe salade?
    Suggested by   @ClarissaAnn
  10. Eta krab salat cvezhi? (Russian but I don't have Cyrillic keyboard)
    Suggested by   @ClarissaAnn
  11. Haydi salata salt3ooni taza? (Levantine arabic)
    Suggested by   @ClarissaAnn