So much of my dark-sidedness will be revealed with this list, but so be it, in the name of @jansonebwoodlee. Please join me in exposing your guiltiest horror movie pleasures. Gory thrillers also welcome.
  1. Drag Me to Hell
    Girl shames woman, in spite of begging. Girl gets Eastern European black magic all up on her
  2. Hostel 2
    Bijou Phillips and Heather Matarazzo in the SAME FILM? Yes, please.
  3. What Lies Beneath
    Michelle pfeiffer can do no wrong.
  4. Jason X
    Seen in theaters with @jansonebwoodlee ca. 2000. Set in like 3047 and features a lot of breasts.
  5. 28 Weeks Later
    The first one was scurrrrry but this one is grosser
  6. Hannibal Rising
    Made me faint in 2007 when I saw it with @vp . So grisly, so upsetting, so gnarly.
  7. Cabin in the Woods
    Starring the talents of Fran kranz, who is amazing, and lots of sanguine realness.
  8. JAWS 3
    Ummm, jaws takes on a water park? Yes, please! PS water parks are like 98% pee
  9. Child's Play
    Chucky still haunts me to this day
  10. Psycho
    Classic scare ya pants off horror
    Suggested by @sky
  11. The Shining
    I'm not sure the counts as a guilty pleasure horror movie because I feel not guilt when I watch it. Just pure Kubrick visual delight and terror.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  12. Nightmare on Elm Street 1 & 3
    Wes Craven nailed it with these two. Also early Johnny Depp!
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  13. Scream 4
    Suggested by @lspencer
  14. The Conjuring
    Suggested by @lspencer
  15. It Follows.
    Suggested by @lspencer
  16. Glitter
    Suggested by @lspencer
  17. Halloween
    Original. Myers in daylight by the clothesline = my urrytang and embodiment of feeling unsafe. THERES A MADMEN UP IN YOUR CLEAN LAUNDRIES AND HE GONNA MURDER U IN THE SUNLIGHT
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee
  18. Phantasm
    That was some surrealist shit!!!! Dorksided
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee
  19. The descent : lesbian spelunking allegory
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee
  20. SILENCIO OF DE lambz
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee
  21. Evil dead 2
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  22. What Women Want
    Suggested by @vp