Requested by @therichdale
Ok, you (well, namely @therichdale but I'm sure some additional curiosity exists) axed for it, so here we go. Rather than just list notable grads, which is boring, I've tried to focus only on those with unusual or intriguing or mildly comical names. Also feel free to add ya damn self or others if you/they too, hunkered down in New Haven.
  1. Suptick Poongestical
    Alleged grad student. May have butchered spelling.
  2. Misty Munster
  3. Lisa Poon
    Yale School of Management
  4. Jonas Moody, who changed his named from Max Rosenbloom and then tried to convince everyone he was from Iceland but was really just regurgitating Bjork lyrics
  5. Young Ham
  6. Phat Bich
  7. Roopa Kalyanaraman
    Played some mean violin, too.
  8. Kike Calvo
  9. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)
    So white. #whitepeoplenames
  10. Roger Cooter
  11. Bronson Pinchot
  12. Bellamy Young
    Bold first name choice, I think.
  13. Janson Woodlee
  14. Bates Gregory
    White, and female. I know, confusing!
  15. Rebecca Dinerstein
    Suggested by @dev
  16. Greta Gao (don't know if I spelled that right, but love the alliteration)
    Suggested by @gianna
  17. Brooke Lyons
    @brookielyons . Crazily talented and want to invoke the spirit to inherit her beauty.
  18. Caroline Duncan
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    @carolineduncan costume designer extraordinaire
  19. Lily Diamond
    @lilydiamond kale and caramel is urrythang, as her Lily's ways.
  20. Gianna Bruno (neé Shepard)
    @gianna former pro ballerina and is rumored to have done back-up in "save the last dance"
  21. Dick Swett
    New Hampshire congressman and Ambassador to Denmark
    Suggested by @hannahturner