Requested by @vp
An homage to time-honored drinking tradition that got me in a moderate-severe amount of trouble in the 90s/2000s.
  1. Kissed Claire Danes
    🍷(happened in December of 1998, before I came out obvi). She is gorge and was a super good friend in college.
  2. Had my surname mistyped as JEWAY at a conference
  3. Gotten robbed by a sex worker secretly living below me in Chelsea
  4. Written copious love notes/fan mail to Kathie Lee and Hoda
    🍷(ps: no reply as of today)
  5. Performed a rendition of "hands" by jewel in front of 500+ 5th graders from new haven's inner city schools (it ended with me tossing a fake baby onto the stage floor with Great bravado)
  6. Attended 27 bar mitzvahs between 1992-1994
    🍷(also hands up, baby, hands up) (also my town was 80% catholic- go figure)
  7. Appeared on TV
    🍷(4 times- first in 1997 during a feature piece on PBS about aspiring professional musicians); once in college, as part of a local news story about smoking; again in 2007 on a gameshow where my team lost to @shinyunicorn and cohorts, and lastly in 2008 as an extra on ANTM). I looked like garbage every time.
  8. Given my number to a stranger on mass transit
  9. Told a bouncer i was Jesse Tyler ferguson in order to get into a party