To the city I've called home for 35+ years, this list's for you, bitch
  1. Pee+Parmesean
    Most commonly smelt in the subways or on bulk trash take out nights, this bespoke combination is the standard smell of many residentially challenged
  2. Rotting fish
    Courtesy of your local fish monger in Chinatown. Peaks in July.
  3. Horse shit
    Easily smelled around the perimeter of Central Park
  4. Patchouli
    Common odor in Williamsburg, Bushwick and parts of park slope
  5. BO
    The modal scent of many yellow cabs and even some ubers
  6. Stale beer
    Available within a 15 foot radius outside any sports bar
  7. Farts
    Common at any gay bar, usually cut with poppers and/or drakar noir
  8. Hubris
    Smellable anywhere on the upper east side, north of 59th, south of 96th, between 5th ave and park.
  9. Honey roasted nuts
    Delicious and ubiquitous around Rockefeller center during the holidays
  10. Money
    The official odor of TriBeCa
  11. Street Meat
    Depending on the vendor, could be anything from kabobs to Pernil.
    Suggested by @ReeseGolchin