Let's get nostalgic, people.
  1. Marathon man
    Also into licking Miranda's heiny
  2. Berger
    Post it breaker-upper/asshole
  3. James
    Samantha's micro-peen boyfriend for a hot minute
  4. Robert
    Secret son of claire and frank underwood (Blair)
  5. Tourette's guy
    Who called Charlotte "you stupid bitch, you dirty whore!" during the act of love-making
  6. Comic book guy
    Tried to frame Carrie for bringing weed into his parents house- NICE TRY
  7. Weight watchers guy
    The overeater who overate her (Miranda)
  8. The new Yankee
    Poor Carrie just wasn't ready
  9. Alexander petrovsky
    Selfish ruskie who dragged Carrie to Paris and then slapped her (kind of accidentally but still!)
  10. Maria
    Portuguese lesbian who gave Samantha fireworks by breaking most of her China
  11. Bon jovi
    Dating via therapist is never a good idea, though I liked his twister seduction strategy
  12. Dirty Martini? Dirty bastard!
    Suggested by @vp