In a Lewis-and-Clark-like twist of fate, I journeyed with @lspencer from Boulder to Seattle through western Montana, had a glorious time, and took some photos that I finna share withchew right now:
  1. @lspencer can totally relate to how Julie Andrews felt in that opening scene (Boulder, CO)
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  2. Um, yes please. (Boulder, Chatauqua Park)
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  3. @lspencer emerging from a parking lot like he's the HBIC or something (Boulder)
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  4. Montana's pretty, I GUESS
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  5. Ok, it totally is. (Route 93, Missoula)
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  6. Like, crazy natural beauty for days (months, even) (Rattlesnake Park, Missoula)
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  7. So then we flew to Seattle and ate this at restaurant Zoe
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  8. And this ridiculousness...
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  9. And yes, we enjoyed some of Seattle's finest botanical offerings. A lot.
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  10. And got some rul nice vistas of the city, like this one
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  11. And this one
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  12. This one, too...
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  13. Had our way with these oysters- RIP
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  14. Byeeeee
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