Oregon Trail 2015

In a Lewis-and-Clark-like twist of fate, I journeyed with @lspencer from Boulder to Seattle through western Montana, had a glorious time, and took some photos that I finna share withchew right now:
  1. @lspencer can totally relate to how Julie Andrews felt in that opening scene (Boulder, CO)
  2. Um, yes please. (Boulder, Chatauqua Park)
  3. @lspencer emerging from a parking lot like he's the HBIC or something (Boulder)
  4. Montana's pretty, I GUESS
  5. Ok, it totally is. (Route 93, Missoula)
  6. Like, crazy natural beauty for days (months, even) (Rattlesnake Park, Missoula)
  7. So then we flew to Seattle and ate this at restaurant Zoe
  8. And this ridiculousness...
  9. And yes, we enjoyed some of Seattle's finest botanical offerings. A lot.
  10. And got some rul nice vistas of the city, like this one
  11. And this one
  12. This one, too...
  13. Had our way with these oysters- RIP
  14. Byeeeee