I work near Park Ave in the east 40s and live in Hell's Kitchen, which means I get to traverse Grand Central station, Rockefeller Center, northern Times Square and the theater district to and fro on a daily basis. This means I get to hear all sortsa funny shit from passersby and tourists. Without further ado:
  1. "Do you think we can get tickets to 'CATS'?" (Husband to wife)
    Ummm, don't know if you heard, but CATS kinda closed in 2000...
  2. "Where are all the gay people?" (A bunch of gays)
    I'm right here, biotch. Also, follow me home because my neighborhood is the epicenter of American gayness.
  3. "It stinks around here." (Teenage posse)
    Yes, New York City does indeed smell like garbage and/or pee in certain areas. our bad.
  4. "I need panties." (Girl to older woman, probably her mom)
    Yes, and people in hell need ice water. Also, there's a Strawberry RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU if it's really urgent
  5. "This bitch had such nice titties" (dude on phone, ostensibly talking to someone other than the girl in question)
    So romantic!!! I'm sure she likes you in that way, too.
  6. "OMG this is SOOO 'sex and the city'!" (Girl to her group of 5 friends)
    Hmmmm, well, if we're really going to be honest and true to SATC norms, you're going to need to get rid of two girls in your group so you net 4.