I was diagnosed in 5/13 with a stage IV cancer after having a seemingly innocuous stomachache. 12 chemo infusions and 3 surgeries later, I'm free of cancer (as of 2/14). The treatment was hard. The chemo was draining. The surgical recoveries were awful. But I'm alive, healthy, lost nary a hair on my head, and am surrounded by people I love.
  1. None.
    While the whole cancer experience was, at times, fucking miserable, it forced me to reevaluate what was/is important in my life and make some permanent lifestyle changes (quit smoking, eat even better, exercise even more, drink only occasionally). I think I'm more appreciative of the present nowadays, and am just grateful for all I have with a profoundly reinvigorated sense of appreciation. If you know anyone w cancer and they need some inspiration, holla at me. Here to help.