It takes a village to make travis' egg mcmuffins without which he might never be tardy, but let's pay equal homage to the entire ensemble of clueless, including the obscure. Additions WELCOME.
  1. Janet Hun
    No tardies
  2. Summer
    She thought that party in the valley was quite the random fiesta!
  3. Lucy
    Definitely not a Mexican (but rather el salvadorian).
  4. Amber
    Serving frenemy eleganza since 1996
  5. The two guys at the mall who tipped tai over the edge
    Were it not for them, tai wouldnt have had her near death experience, where everything just became really clear
  6. Ms stoeger
    Easily influenced to change grades if you appeal to her man-hating sensibilities
  7. Christian
    Made gay cool way before almost any other movie character at the time. Also owes Cher money from the dance they went to with tai (when she fell down the stairs)
  8. Ron Orbach as her DMV tester
    "Offhand, I'd say you failed!" And Jerry Orbach's cousin!
    Suggested by @caffrin