It's time to say what we've all been here goes. Other opinions Wilkommen!
  1. Liesl
    I know it's trite, because she also has a bigger role than the other chilrenz, but she's also pretty fuckin ballsy for 16, and had enough self respect to stop dating that mailman who turned into a nazi. She also wants to get wasted!! (Recall that she asks for champagne at some point)
  2. Kurt
    I mean, he's so incorrigible! And has a great falsetto. Probably gay, and therefore family.
  3. Louisa
    A true Nordic princess- the original Elsa, really...possibly bisexual, in my opinion.
  4. Brigitte
    She was well-read, so major bonus points.
  5. Gretel
    She was cute enough, I guess. But can't really sell a song.
  6. Marta
    Unfortunately all we know about this girl is that she wants a pink parasol for her birthday. She seems to have the personality of a bag of hair.
  7. Friedrich
    What a pussy! He was a major crybaby caca pants during the thunderstorm, and adds little value to the family singing group.