Inspired by @ChrisK and by my occasional disgust with the English language. Jump on this bandwagon of vocabulary-bashing! Xox
  1. Panties
    I'm not even a wearer of panties but feel adamant that this word should be stricken from contemporary speech
  2. Crabsalad
    What an awful example of how the "a" sound in English can sound gross when there's too much of it in one word. Also the idea of a creamy salad with crabs just makes me upset.
  3. Trepidatious
    Not a word, which is why I abhor it.
  4. Enthused
    See rationale for above.
  5. Actually
    I actually hate this word, too, since it's somehow become the new filler word for EVERYTHING
  6. Diarrhea
    I mean, props for the vaguely biblical-Esque spelling, but can't society conceive another more pleasant-sounding word for this highly unfortunate condition?
  7. "Living the dream"
    Whose dream? Cuz I had a dream last night that society stopped using this phrase and it didn't come true.
  8. Partner
    I know, controversial, but this one is just more of a personal pet peeve. For me, your "partner" is either the person with whom you play doubles tennis or conduct business, not your spouse/lover. But to each his own, partner.
  9. Titties
    This infantilizes breasts, and while I'm not interested in women sexually, if I were, I would not use this word in the presence of another woman.
  10. Kumquat
    Just sounds so, so wrong. 👯
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  11. Moist
    Not even appealing when describing a cake.
    Suggested by @vp
  12. cooter
    it's just nasty. like, ew
    Suggested by @veroniconfetti
  13. Nutch
    (Pronounced with a long u.) My wonderful mother is a vegan and she uses nutritional yeast and this is the abhorrent nickname that she calls it.
    Suggested by @agard
  14. Nipples, I dunno why. Natch, bruh, deets and rezos (colloquial Aussie-esque shortenings of naturally, brother, details and reservations that all make me feel like a mean old out of touch man).
    Suggested by @dr_beexo
  15. Goddess
    Used to describe or address a rego human lady. Shudder. Maybe I just have new age ptsd (I mean, I do), but can't we all just be humans together?
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  16. Carabiner
    It's worse than moist.
    Suggested by @AllieLarkin
  17. Barf
    Pretty sure this is an onomatopoeia, which just makes it sound more gross. And the "r" sound is usually pronounced with a sneering growl, like you're disgusted with the word itself.
    Suggested by @erindeezy
  18. "Feel badly"
    This literally means you have tactile difficulties (perhaps due to neuropathy or the like). Correct: "I feel bad."
  19. Slaughter
    This word makes me feel bad
    Suggested by @mlh
  20. "Storytelling" - if another agency talks about the importance of storytelling, I'll barf on it.
    Suggested by @lspencer
  21. Obsessed
    Especially when combined with "actually"
    Suggested by @furtadomf