So many things could be asked of @jansonebwoodlee but let's start here, k?
  1. What the fuck is this referencing?
  2. Would you walk 1,000 miles if you could
  3. Why are there so many unemployed shirtless gay men with 30,000+ followers on Instagram?
  4. Who has more sensual eyes: Jane Seymour or Marion coitillard?
  5. If you could go anywhere on holiday with @ClarissaAnn , where would you go?
  6. Why am I such a bastion of provocation?
  7. Which of the following pisses you off more? People who fuck up there/their/they're or too/two/to?
  9. Is Blake mute? WHY WONT HE NOTICE ME OR @vp ???
  10. Wanna cyber? Want my body? Want some money?
    Trim spa baby, yeah!!
  11. This
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    Suggested by @vp