New York and California get so much love and for good reason! But there are several other states that got it goin' on, and I'd like to pay homage to them right now.
  1. Delaware
    Yeah, it's a tiny-ass state but the beaches are beautiful, the state government doesn't tax shit, and it's the first state to have joined our blessed Union.
  2. Vermont
    Ahhhh, Vermont....home to some incredible fall foliage, the forefront of gay rights, great weed and some real cool people. Also Ben and Jerrys.
  3. Montana
    The fourth biggest state in the U.S., Montana has more natural beauty than you can shake a stick at, and has some real coo towns (Missoula, Bozeman, Whitefish, Kalispell) that will make you wax poetic about the gold rush. Also "legends of the fall" was set here (ie that movie where everyone died)
  4. Virginia
    Check 1,2 - VA's got crazy history (Jamestown, Roanoke, Williamsburg), some beautiful topography in western VA, damn good bbq in Richmond, a shit-ton of intellectual activity in Charlottesville, and finally an upstanding, socially liberal governor. Also, Virginia is for lervers.
  5. Colorado
    Yes, Colorado is amazing because they legalized pot, but it also houses some of the country's most incredible mountains, an exploding job market in Denver and Boulder, a super-cool airport (DEN), and a nice balance of gun-toting libertarians and conservatives along with bra-burning liberals, all living together in mostly perfect harmony! Also, Colorado is rolling in dough (thanks to weed).