The NY Times calls Zelda "a Yorkie owned by two gay guys" while the daily news states, "this dog is a whore for the camera."
  1. Werk, bitch.
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  2. Serving some rigor mortis realness
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  3. Serving Sally field not without my daughter realness
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  4. Serving some Carrie Bradshaw realness
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  5. Serving sunlit sensuality
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  6. Serving enveloped dormancy realness
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  7. Serving interpersonal realness
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  8. Serving crustacean realness
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  9. Serving puppy realness
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  10. Serving Claire Danes in homeland realness
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  11. Serving Geisha realness
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  12. Still no luck with a blurb from WSJ? Keep trying!
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  13. Do not disturb realness
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