Vogue, Yorkie Edition

The NY Times calls Zelda "a Yorkie owned by two gay guys" while the daily news states, "this dog is a whore for the camera."
  1. Werk, bitch.
  2. Serving some rigor mortis realness
  3. Serving Sally field not without my daughter realness
  4. Serving some Carrie Bradshaw realness
  5. Serving sunlit sensuality
  6. Serving enveloped dormancy realness
  7. Serving interpersonal realness
  8. Serving crustacean realness
  9. Serving puppy realness
  10. Serving Claire Danes in homeland realness
  11. Serving Geisha realness
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  12. Still no luck with a blurb from WSJ? Keep trying!
    Suggested by   @vp
  13. Do not disturb realness
    Suggested by   @lspencer