In addition to seeing me through the darkest days of chemo, Zelda the Yorkie has proven to be urrythang I ever could've wanted in a doggy and then some. She = 👼🏽
  1. I mean...
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  2. Plus this is how she sleeps at night
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  3. And is perpetually surrounded in softness
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  4. Another example
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  5. Just when I think she couldn't get any cuter, she serves me this
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  6. She is always inquisitive and engaged in my accounts of the day
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  7. Or like here
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  8. She is always available for kisses and snuggle
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  9. Even when she's not like, SUPER in the mood
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  10. Anyhow I love this bitch
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  11. And hereby sending a virtual hug and kiss from Zelda to all y'all and yer doggies
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