My and my hubby's Yorkie, Zelda (@zeldatheyorkie on insta) is our everything. she was my rock when throughout chemo and if that weren't enough, she is cuddly, lovable, precocious, rambunctious, stubborn, and redonkulousy adorable. This list goes out to urrybody who loves their dog, or dogs in general. And Zelda, I ❤️ you.
  1. This one
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  2. Oh, and this
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  3. This one
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  4. Aww lil Zelda
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  5. Holiday Zelda
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  6. Her paw smells like heaven (particularly after naps)
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  7. And this one
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  8. Annnnd this
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    Little baby Zelda circa 4months
  9. Aww this one!
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  10. Ok, I'll stop after this one
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  11. Ok FINE one more
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    @lspencer and Zelda doing their thing in the AM
  12. And also this
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  13. Oh hey!!!!
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    Suggested by @lspencer