Scientifically proven tips for enjoying yourself in the face of certain death!
  1. See if your Oscars melt.
  2. Swim naked...sober.
  3. Ride around in a climate-controlled Uber all day after your air conditioning breaks.
  4. Develop a life-long friendship with your Uber driver.
  5. Create an edgy cable drama series with your Uber driver.
  6. Move to San Francisco.
  7. Awkwardly end your boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel.
  8. Jet to the front of the line at Sqirl because no one is crazy enough to stand outside all day in this weather.
  9. Tweet at Pauly Shore, just to find out if he has air conditioning.
  10. See if YOU melt. (Spoiler Alert: Yes. You are from Michigan and are not prepared for this.)