An incomplete, completely biased list of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh that I'm sure even I will disagree with five minutes after I finish it.
  1. Point Brugge
    I'm biased because it's right down the street, but I've never had a bad meal here.
  2. Meat and Potatoes
    Awesome restaurant downtown
  3. Primanti Bros.
    The hype is real
  4. Salt of the Earth
    Some think it's too complex but I've only had good experiences here and they seem to have simplified the menu. It's too bad it's closing.
  5. E2
    Great BYOB place in Highland Park
  6. Luke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grill
    Went here recently and was pleasantly surprised. Very good seafood with a bit of Asian flare
  7. The Cornerstone
    Great bar/restaurant vibe in Aspinwall with new upgraded outdoor seating
  8. Mad Mex
    Sometimes you just need a big azz margarita.
  9. Tai Pei Fox Chapel
    Order from here and tell me I'm wrong, I dare you.
  10. Tram's Kitchen
    Amazing Vietnamese and can't beat the prices
  11. Pino's
    Great wine, pizza and pasta
  12. Franktuary
    Crossword night is the best