I am struggling through the second draft of my first book, and it is a nonstop final-boss-level showdown with my insecurities and bad habits. But I'm learning how to do it. Kind of. Suggestions are so very welcome.
  1. Make sure the first words you read in the morning are your own, as you write them, on paper.
    If the first thing I see is my Twitter feed, I am immediately exhausted and hopeless. All the news is depressing, and everyone's hot take on the news is worse. Plus it just never stops. Put it in its place. Put yourself first.
  2. Remind yourself that it is an honor to be able to write/act/sing/dance.
    Somehow when I sign the contract and what I used to do for FUN becomes a thing I do for WORK, I put all my baggage from when WORK was WORK into my FUN. (I used to have a regular job and I was bad at it and afraid of it.) Suddenly what used to come easily (because it was a hobby) comes much less easily (because it is now my job). Reverse it. When you get to write/act/sing/dance, you get to tell your story, just the way you want to. What a privilege.
  3. Read The War Of Art.
    Keep it in your bag at all times. A hard copy is best. Dog-ear, bookmark, highlight and underline that shit.
  4. Exercise.
    But not too much. A morning Crossfit/Bootcamp/whatever class can either revitalize you or use up all your energy for the day, and you won't know which until after. I suggest a long, slowish run in the morning.
  5. Text @bitchesg to 971-244-8342 for Kelly Sue DeConnick's daily motivational messages.
    She is the best. She is killing it. She is a friend of mine, and we met and did comedy shows together back in the 1990s, when we both had regular desk jobs we were bad at and afraid of. Listen to her.
  6. Frequent brisk walks.
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    It's at the point where I ask Junior "Wanna go for a WALK?" And he's like: "I'm good. Have fun out there."
  7. Remind yourself that you are competing with your favorite writer's final draft.
    It's not fair that I don't get to see Merrill Markoe struggle through her rewrites. But remembering that she has struggled is a comfort.
  8. Frequent dance parties for one.
    Close the door and move that body for three minutes.
  9. Use those Internet-blocking apps.
    Freedom and Anti-Social saved my bacon. I can lose a whole day numbing out at my laptop/phone. (That's not what I'm doing right now, but it's also not NOT what I'm doing right now.)
    I still have a lot to get through. Suggestions please please please?
  11. Make the bed?
    There was a commencement speech last year by a US Navy admiral that said by doing this you'll have finished the first task of the day. It also serves as a reminder that the little stuff matters. Maybe these tips will also help? 😊 www.wikihow.com/Be-Productive You'll do great!!
    Suggested by @wikiHow
  12. Coffee
    (Or tea)
    Suggested by @mlh