Inspired by @13spencer. In no particular order.
  1. Jason Sudeikis
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    Can't explain it. Drives me CRAZY.
  2. G. Love
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    Of G. Love and Special Sauce. Longest-running celebrity crush by far. Seems like one of those wake-and-bake types, and though that lifestyle would not work for me, he wears it well. I'm jealous of stoners, honestly.
  3. Popular model Justice Joslin
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    Christ almighty.
  4. James Wolk
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    Been following this one since his debut in the Hallmark Original Movie "Head Of The Class." Saw his perfect face on a billboard for it, set my DVR to record it the second I got home. Dude is perfect, though he lacks any clear personality.
  5. Brandon Flowers
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    Actually so perfect and I worship him so fully that if he showed up at my door like: "Dave, I want to do sex things with you right now; you decide which ones," there would be an electrical fire in my brain.
  6. Zachary Levi
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    Kind of working this "adorable nerd" thing a little too hard at the moment. Let's dirty you up, Mr. Levi. Let's "last few minutes of Grease" you.
  7. Taran Killam
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    Come on.
  8. The guy in the commercial for something, where it's him and his wife on the couch and their cable service or their wifi or something is new and improved and the wife is like: "everything's better now" and then they cut to their dumb kid playing the violin badly and he's like "not everything."
    That guy.
  9. Both of the Men From UNCLE
    Didn't see it though.
  10. Peter Krause
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    Any Peter Krause.
  11. Paul Rudd
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    Goes without saying. Like putting water on your list of favorite drinks.
  12. James Van Der Beek
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    Respect the forearms.
  13. Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes
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    Super talented and a style inspiration.
  14. CRUSH EMERITUS: Huey Lewis
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    Absolutely still would.