So I did a list of my top dreamboats recently, and while I stand by each one, a Twitter follower of mine made the very good observation that all of them are straight. I think there's at least one on the fence in there, but point taken. We have a lot of good ones on our team. Let's hear it for these boys. (In no particular order.)
  1. Russell Tovey
    I love the ears. Plus he's going to age well. You just know it.
  2. Andy Cohen
    Handsome as can be, super-charming, snappy dresser. But you know what's the hottest? Dude is EXUBERANT. That takes guts these days.
  3. Kele Okereke
    "I Still Remember" is the best song about young gay love ever.
  4. Andrew Scott
    Brilliant, intense, Irish. See "The Bachelor Weekend" if you haven't.
  5. Gus Kenworthy
    He's our Zac Efron. Unless Zac Efron is already our Zac Efron, which I guess the jury is still out on.
  6. James Adomian
    Even in Bernie Sanders drag.
  7. Michael Angelakos
    His podcast with Bret Easton Ellis is a must, Bret Easton Ellis notwithstanding.
  8. Mo Rocca
    Good hair, good job, knows things.
  9. John Benjamin Hickey
    Listen to "My Favorite Songs" on SiriusXM 102.
  10. Todrick Hall
    Sing me that Virgin safety information song, Todrick. Also your name sounds like a stately old dorm.
  11. Ben Wise
    I mean, look at the guy.