So I did a list of my top dreamboats recently, and while I stand by each one, a Twitter follower of mine made the very good observation that all of them are straight. I think there's at least one on the fence in there, but point taken. We have a lot of good ones on our team. Let's hear it for these boys. (In no particular order.)
  1. Russell Tovey
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    I love the ears. Plus he's going to age well. You just know it.
  2. Andy Cohen
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    Handsome as can be, super-charming, snappy dresser. But you know what's the hottest? Dude is EXUBERANT. That takes guts these days.
  3. Kele Okereke
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    "I Still Remember" is the best song about young gay love ever.
  4. Andrew Scott
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    Brilliant, intense, Irish. See "The Bachelor Weekend" if you haven't.
  5. Gus Kenworthy
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    He's our Zac Efron. Unless Zac Efron is already our Zac Efron, which I guess the jury is still out on.
  6. James Adomian
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    Even in Bernie Sanders drag.
  7. Michael Angelakos
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    His podcast with Bret Easton Ellis is a must, Bret Easton Ellis notwithstanding.
  8. Mo Rocca
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    Good hair, good job, knows things.
  9. John Benjamin Hickey
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    Listen to "My Favorite Songs" on SiriusXM 102.
  10. Todrick Hall
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    Sing me that Virgin safety information song, Todrick. Also your name sounds like a stately old dorm.
  11. Ben Wise
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    I mean, look at the guy.