And my best guesses as to why I took them.
  1. I sent this to my PD at Sirius (who is also programming the Yacht Rock station) and asked whether it was real. It is.
  2. Sent this one to a friend from high school who used to love this song.
  3. Because I really like this album.
  4. Because "Yum Yums."
  5. Texted this to @benergy, told him this song is actually three different songs, and none of them are good.
  6. No idea why I took this, but I find it as thrilling as a beautiful sunset.
  7. Sent this to Jimmy Pardo to see if he loved it as much as I did. We have affection for the same shitty songs of this era. He didn't remember it.
  8. Kind of all over the place, lyrically. I either tweeted that or texted it to someone. Anyway, it is, right? Like: people spread rumors so don't have children if you're poor. Also you're a vegetable for some reason and here come some made-up words.
  9. Jimmy remembered this one and did not like it.
  10. I think I texted this to my Irish friend John, to be like: Right?
  11. This was sort of a conceptual piece, to illustrate how fully Southern California I was in this moment.
  12. No idea. But this, like "Good Stuff," is a mess.
  13. Rental car!
  14. Parents' car!
  15. Different high school friend. Better song. We used to sing it at each other.
  16. I sent this to a lot of people because I couldn't believe it. Still can't, really.
  17. Same.
  18. Spotify screenshot. Admissible because jam.
  19. One of the greatest. Don't know who I felt the need to tell.
  20. Because the "So" and the comma DESTROY ME. Like, after some consideration, I have concluded do the Zonk. (Also: the ZONK. This one has it all. )
  21. I remember this one! KDHX in St. Louis had been playing The Insiders' "Ghost On The Beach," but I was too slow taking a picture of the radio for whatever reason.