1. [ ].
  2. That represents none.
  3. No questions. No questions, including:
  4. Why?
  5. Do you think you need it?
    I think I do. I have a second draft to get through in one week. But I was seriously just casually inquiring about it.
  6. Do you think you have ADHD?
    I'm fairly sure I do, for the record. But maybe a psychiatrist ought to sort that out.
  7. Anyway, my mouth literally hadn't gotten to the L sound in "I'm curious about Adderall" before his pad was out.
  8. So now I have a bottle labeled AMPHETAMINE sitting on my desk.
  9. And I'm terrified to take any. If I have one sip too much coffee, I am a disaster. But maybe a nibble of one later today?
  10. Thoughts?
  11. Seriously: thoughts? Anyone taken it? Will it turn me into Gary Busey immediately, or gradually over a long period of time?