Grantland died today. And while I'm sure its writers/editors will land somewhere great, it was one of an ever-dwindling number of websites I could read without feeling insulted. There used to be so many! But one by one they've gone or curdled into something cruel and/or clickbaity. What can an adult read these days? RIP Grantland. This one hurts.
    I mean, I have to get my own in there, but also I mean it. Charles Pierce is one of the best political writers there is, and the younger folks are smart and creative. Happy to be a part of it.
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  3. The Toast
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  4. Code Switch and Monkeysee on
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  5. Longreads has a well-curated collection of great longform journalism. And it's regularly updated and their weekly newsletter of suggestions is pretty great too.
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  6. LitHub
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