These are classics. Recognize.
  1. "Burning In The Sun" Blue Merle
    It's like if a bluegrass band made the first Coldplay album. I love this fucking song. The video might be a Saturn commercial.
  2. "The Golden Calf" Prefab Sprout
    The bridge of this song pops into my head once a week and has since 1988, and I always sing it, and I always mean it.
  3. Sugababes "Overload"
    Coolest sexiest thing ever.
  4. Gordie Sampson "Sunburn"
    The metaphor is so simple and perfect, it is INSANE nobody's used it before (which they probably have and I don't know or forgot). I don't know what happened to this guy, but I bet he moved to Nashville to write for country artists and he's a millionaire. I hope so.
  5. Kina "Girl From The Gutter"
    The best revenge song ever. You want someone to underestimate you just so you can sing it at them. The rumor is that it's directed at a woman who called her "too ghetto" for a girl group she was putting together, and that woman is Lauryn Hill.
  6. Jason Falkner "This Time"
    Jason Falkner anything. Jason Falkner everything.
  7. Tommy Keene "Places That Are Gone"
    In a more just world, Tommy Keene is a superstar.
  8. Butter 08 "Butter of '69"
    Actually, this one got about what it deserved, attention-wise. Watch the video and ache for the 1990s.