Spent the week there. Almost sent for my belongings.
  1. Crisp autumn air.
    I know that winter is where it's all going. Good. Fine with me.
  2. I wore a sweater AND A JACKET OVER IT.
    My layering strategies are tight and attractive.
  3. Went to someone's work happy hour, talked about things that weren't television.
    Like: people have opinions about their Mayor! HOT.
  4. We saw Hamilton.
    I know I couldn't just go do that all the time, but boy was it nice to have the option. Michelle Obama was there! So was John Stamos! Not together.
  5. Early evening runs around Central Park.
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  6. El Born, fabulous tapas in Greenpoint.
  7. Shake Shack.
  8. Watching the Super Blood Moon with dear old friends, booing at clouds and hearing other people on other corners doing the same.
  9. Marie's Crisis.
    Shouting showtunes with the drama teachers and chorus boys of the tri-state area. There was an AND I AM TELLING YOU I'M NOT GOING off past night.
  10. Citibikes.
    Best way to burn off a dinner and all the wine.
  11. Boys with a lot on their mind.