1. Is there Vince Lombardi High School fan fiction out there? I could get lost in this world for a while.
  2. The actual gymnastics the kids end up doing to Riff Randall's song are way better exercise than the one hour of jumping jacks they were supposed to do, plus they seem to like it much better.
  3. Seriously, this needs the CW treatment. I would watch this weekly.
  4. Milkmen. Cursive. Short shorts. Lots of things in this movie don't exist anymore.
  5. The tone is all over the place, and it feels kooky to point that out.
  6. That's Lisa Rinna's husband isn't it. (Update: EILEEN DAVIDSON's husband.)
  7. All the teenagers in this movie are like 60 now, right?
  8. PJ Soles swings the bat with all her might here.
  9. Riff and Kate: are they Rayanne and Angela, or are they Angela and Sharon?
  10. Life has afforded me about 100% fewer chances to carry a GABBA GABBA HEY sign than I was expecting.
  11. They don't make 'em like Paul Bartel anymore.
  12. Riff goes to violence far too quickly.