Yeah, I ride semi-hard for Idol.
  1. That time Kelly won the whole thing and choked up at the end of "A Moment Like This."
    Because Nikki McKibbin totally tried to get in on that action, and it was like: No, Nikki- this is not about you.
  2. Elliot Yamin singing "Moody's Mood For Love."
    Many Elliot Yamin moments. My friend Irene kept calling him "Yitzhak Rabin."
  3. The first time I heard Phillip Phillips' "Home."
    I was tired, and the show and I had been through so much together
  4. The other night, when Nick Blandsome beat Anglo Taylor Lautner.
    Because I had no connection to either of them, no reason to be watching besides habit, and only one more chance to get swept up in the fever.
  5. I think that's it.