I'm not doing one, but if you want to, feel free to run with any of these.
  1. Dear Boring People
  2. Dear People Who Set Out To Be Controversial And Succeeded But Might Be Confusing That With Having Done Something Interesting
  3. Dear People Who Haven't Learned That Making People Angry On The Internet Is Something Literally Anyone Can Do
  4. Dear People Who Conflate Fatness With Laziness But Congratulate Themselves For Creating Something A Really Dull Sixth Grader Would Hesitate To Put Their Name On
  5. Dear Trivia Answer In Four Months
  6. Hey You: I've Been Fat And Now I'm Not, But You've Been Boring This Whole Time
  7. Dear People Who Looked At The World The Way It Is Today And Said: "Needs More Cruelty."
  8. Dear Person Whose Video I Didn't Watch