But saying them right feels wrong so now I just avoid them altogether.
  1. Short-lived
    It derives from the noun "life," not the verb "to live," so the I should be long. It's like "long-necked" or "loud-voiced." A thing that is short-lived had a short life, it didn't live short (or neck long or voice loud). If you say it that way, people look at you like you're dumb. But you're not dumb. THEY ARE. They are so dumb.
  2. Inexplicable
    Did you know the accent is supposed to be on the second syllable? It's true. Have you tried to say it that way? You can't. (It's not even a "say it five times fast" kind of hard to say. It's "say it one time at a moderate speed" hard. AVOID.)
  3. Comfortable
    When it became CUM-fter-bull I have no idea. Like, are you not experiencing cumfter? I say CUM-fert-a-bull, which is obnoxious but it's kind of my thing.
  4. Cummerbund
    Cumberbun = NO.
  5. Mischevious
    Supposed to be pronounced "MIS-Chuh-vus" not "mis-CHEE-vee-us." I use the phrase "supposed to" lightly seeing as descriptive grammar > prescriptive grammar 👻
    Suggested by @Kellendria
  6. Forte
    Actually pronounced like "fort" not "for-tay."
    Suggested by @Kellendria