Albums that changed my life

I'm a music head , but these are albums from when I was little. As a kid in my bicycle, I had an FM radio attached to the handlebars so I could listen to music when u delivered papers. I remember hearing "silly love songs" on that device.
  1. Grateful dead, grateful dead
    Put me on a long, strange trip. Many concerts, many tapings, many miles. "Going down the road feelin bad". I still wear tie dyes.
  2. Band on the run , macca
    First album I bought, rode my bicycle to the record store and paid for it mostly with change I earned on my paper route. Carried it home in my newspaper delivery bag. Taught me what a suffragette was.
  3. 2112, rush
    7 part song. How cool is this. Got me into other blaring guitar groups. "What can this strange thing be that I found ?"
  4. Who are you , the who
    The four letter words for me in trouble when I played this in HS music appreciation. Learned not everyone is accepting of words as I am .
  5. The lamb lie down on Broadway , Genesis
    Rael's adventures in NYC were my adventures too. ".. Number give me guidance and lord I need that now". Opened me to all of prog Rock