I'm David and Here's What I Believe About the 2016 Election

Here's a list I started writing before the election and never published. It turns out I predicted everything correctly. I say that without irony.
  1. Hillary is going to win in historic proportions (Post-election commentary—this is actually true. 3M more votes in an electoral loss is historic. It's actually a dramatic win in an electoral win.)
  2. Hillary Clinton is a fundamentally honest person whose political cautiousness and understandably heightened desire for privacy makes her appear untrustworthy (post-election commentary—I still believe this is the case.)
  3. Ralph Nader's candidacy in 2000 did in fact help to usher in George W Bush and his calamitous reign, and we do not want to go through that shit again so #votebluenomatterwho (PEC—Jill Stein protest voters can seriously go suck a rock.)
  4. If you think Hillary Clinton is just as bad as or worse than Donald Trump, you owe it to your country to really hunker down and study the facts before you vote (Really didn't think we'd need that one.)
  5. There were voting irregularities this year which have to stop but they weren't enough to sway the primaries on either side. More people actually did vote for Trump and Clinton than they did for anyone else as hard as that is to fathom for people who voted for other candidates (see: Bernie Repubs oppo file if u still think he would have won).
  6. Trump voters aren't necessarily stupid, angry or racist, but it helps in many many cases
  7. That's as far as I got. Friday we begin the era of MAGA. I suggest looking up Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You're gonna need it. Bonne chance, America. Dos Vedanya.