1. Hamilton really is as good as all that
  2. The world would be a better place if people watched the Tony Awards more
  3. You can be a man who likes girls and also Broadway musicals which let's face it have a lot of girls
  4. Les Moonves, the head of CBS, is kind of a cultural American hero for airing the Tonys when he knows it's gonna come in dead last in the ratings but he's committed to it anyway because "some things are more important"
  5. Having said that, they really oughta go back to airing all the awards in the main broadcast including all the people who wrote, choreographed and designed the shows they're celebrating
  6. I've heard the arguments for why they discontinued the Sound Designer award but I still think it should be reinstated
  7. While they're at it, I think they need to add a Best Musical Director Tony
  8. James Corden = Broadway hero
  9. Stephen Colbert = Broadway hero
  10. Broadway people tend to be cool because they had to train very hard to get where they are and training is cool