My 2017 Oscar Predictions

And what I want to win!
  1. Best Adapted Screenplay - Moonlight
    I want Arrival to win
  2. Best Original Screenplay - Manchester by the Sea
    I want La La Land to win
  3. Best Original Song - City of Stars
    I want Audition to win
  4. Best Animated Feature - Zootopia
    I want Moana to win
  5. Best Supporting Actress - Viola Davis
    I want Michelle Williams to win
  6. Best Supporting Actor - Mahershala Ali
    I want Dev Patel to win
  7. Best Actress - Emma Stone
    I want Emma Stone to win
  8. Best Actor - Casey Affleck
    I want Casey Affleck to win
  9. Best Director - Damien Chazelle
    I want Damien Chazelle to win
  10. Best Picture - La La Land
    I want La La Land to win