After being there a week and trying to figure out all of the best experiences that were NOT Noma. Here you go.
  1. Kiin Kiin
    One Michelin star Thai restaurant. Honestly one of the most insane dining experiences of my life. Full blown pre fixe that takes advantage of all 5 senses. Might be top 3 in the world ever for me.
  2. Paper Island
    One of the coolest ideas I have seen in a long time. Take a street food fair, put it inside a warehouse, that happens to be on a pier. Then, give people awesome folding chairs and treat the pier like a beach for everyone to hang out on. Keep it open year round. Why don't we do this in America? Oh, and the Oink Oink BBQ is INSANE.
  3. Restaurant Krebsegarden
    This place was straight awesome. They model the food after the art hanging in their gallery. Which at first thought sounds like form over function. However, the two partner chefs that run it together come out to your table and explain the food every course. They do it with a passion that is intoxicating, and storytelling that is world class.
  4. Pluto
    We found this place on the last night based on a friend of a friend's (a local) recommendation. Slam dunk amazing food and great prices. The vibe was very cool as well.
  5. Ruby
    World cocktail champions. They make cocktails taste like things that are not cocktails.