1. Need to build the list.
  2. Ok! Angela is basically Oprah with her affirmations and an angel with her soul but it's hard to get into but @busyphilipps and I sobbed in her class like infants. Then pixie is a classic rock dream and David is great! They all really are amazing I'm just music specific haven't been in a few months but west Hollywood is my got to.
    Suggested by @sophia
  3. Ben B is truth.
    Suggested by @daveholmes
  4. Roarke
    One of the OGs on the west coast and still greatly missed here in NYC.
    Suggested by @Abby
  5. Laura Crago
    Suggested by @aswinn
  6. Molly - yes, full disclosure, she is my friend irl but would I get up at 5am and drive to Santa Monica twice a week to take her 6am class if she wasn't the best? Also: she's the first instructor to sell out a Rooster class on the west side, AND she's able to inspire devotion without being all cult-y. Not my thing.
    Suggested by @garrett
  7. Ben B, Cate Beehan
    Suggested by @CarlosHerrera
  8. Pixie, Angela (but a feat to get in), Edward, Roarke
    Suggested by @film114