Marin is full of hidden gems, often hard to discover unless you are a local.
  1. Shoreline
    Tucked away behind a gaudy Walgreens in Tam Junction, Shoreline is a local gem that has been running continuously for over 50 years. Recently taken over by a local food entrepreneur, Shoreline now serves Four Barrel Coffee and local foods sourced locally from all over Marin.
  2. Fred's
    Two words will change your life: Millionaire's Bacon.
  3. Kitchen Sunnyside
    New in Mill Valley but run by the same team as Fred's. Meaning: Millionaire's Bacon, but in Mill Valley.
  4. Equator
    Equator is the home town hero of Marin. A long time coffee roaster and wholesaler that makes coffee so good Thomas Keller uses it at The French Laundry. Recently they've opened their first two retail locations, the one in downtown Mill Valley features creative waffle combinations to die for.