In roughly chronological order as I can remember. I'm probably missing some things, but these are the books that have had the most profound influence on me.
  1. The Alchemist
  2. The Celestine Prophecy
  3. Catch 22
  4. A River Runs Through It
  5. The Earth is Enough
  6. Wealth of Nations
  7. The Theory of Economic Development
  8. The Tipping Point
  9. Purple Cow
  10. The Cluetrain Manifesto
  11. Man's Search for Meaning
  12. Influence
  13. Freakonomics
  14. Six Degrees
  15. Super Normal
  16. Democracy in America
  17. The Gutenberg Galaxy
  18. The Global Village
  19. The Medium is The Massage
  20. The Intention Experiment
  21. The Bible
  22. The Purpose Driven Life
  23. The Hero with A Thousand Faces
  24. Thinking Fast and Slow
  25. How Many Friends Does One Person Need?
  26. The Score Takes Care of Itself
  27. The Information
  28. The Master Switch
  29. The Outsiders (by Thorndike)
  30. Zero to One
  31. The Snowball
  32. How To Win Friends and Influence People
  33. Falling Upward
  34. Ruling Your World
  35. Zen Mind, Beginners Mind