Inspire by @bjnovak 's list. I wear basically the same thing every day these days too, unless something compels me otherwise.
  1. Levi's
    My favorite are the 527 boot cut. It's the Montana in me.
  2. James Perse
    His undershirts are unbelievably soft. Love them. On the weekends I tend to wear his long sleeve version.
  3. Thom Browne
    Somewhere along the way I figured out that his basic white collared shirt not only fits my long torso perfectly but also just feels great. He uses a super heavy broadcloth which just feels better than any other collared shirt I've tried. I now wear this in white almost every day.
  4. Aether
    They've become my favorite outerwear brand. Started in LA by a former film director. They make really well designed stuff with an urban sensibility but with high quality technical materials. Nothing better in my opinion.
  5. Jack Spade
    I love Jack Spade bags and am virtually always carrying one.
  6. Luchesse
    They make the best brown leather cowboy boots with a lifetime warranty. But, they now make shoes as well, which I love.