I'm from Montana. I'm headed home for the week to spend time with family and friends. And, to visit some of my favorite places.
  1. Staggering Ox
    The best sandwiches in the world. So good they have a patent. The White House orders them.
  2. Livingston
    The current best place in Montana for art, culture and interestingness.
  3. Paradise Valley
    South of Livingston. It is as beautiful as its name.
  4. Chico
    In Paradise Valley is my favorite hotel in Montana. Truly authentic, unlike these other so-called luxury hotels that have found their way into Montana which are not authentic at all.
  5. The Parrot
    Chocolates to die for. The White House also orders from here.
  6. The Little Blackfoot
    Best small stream fly fishing in Montana.
  7. Chalet Market
    Secret stop in Belgrade. Win all the awards for beef jerky.
  8. Boulder
    My favorite small town and home to one of my best friends.
  9. The Gates of The Mountains
    A summer favorite with my family.
  10. The Ridge Trail
    Best mountain biking trail I know of. The reason Helena is top 3 mountain biking places in the world.
  11. Wheat Montana Bakery
    Another secret stop between Helena and Bozeman.
  12. Triple Divide Distillery
    New upcoming distillery in Helena that was bought by one of my best friends.
  13. The Governor's Office
    Always good to check in with Steve and see how I can help Montana more from Silicon Valley.
  14. FourOsix
    Best clothing brand in Montana. Founded by a best friend.
  15. General Merchantile
    Best coffee and hang out place I know of in the world. I wish there was one of these in every city. They have the best vibe and best private hang out booths I know of anywhere.
  16. Colorado Gulch
    Secret, insanely beautiful gulch that a lot of dear friends live in outside Helena.
  17. The Feather Pipe Ranch
    Secretive Buddhist retreat in Colorado Gulch.
  18. Seiben Livestock
    My life long best friend's ranch. Bigger than most US states. No where I know that is more peaceful. Can see ALL of the stars from here. No technology works here. Straight up amazing.
  19. Mt. Helena
    Best hike in hometown.
  20. ExplorationWorks
    Science museum I support in my hometown.
  21. Montana State
    Working to help the entrepreneurship program.
  22. SLAM Festival
    My dear life long friend runs this in Bozeman. Short for Support Local Artists and Musicians. It's fantastic and authentically Montana every year. I want to help more.