Babies can't talk, so they cry when then need to tell you something.
  1. *Hungry?
    They have little tummies and need frequent feedings at all hours.
  2. *Want to be held?
    Yes, your baby will want to be held often.
  3. *Dirty diaper?
    Pro tip. If your baby is sound asleep and you notice a little pee, it might not be a bad idea to let them sleep some more, instead of waking them and changing them.
  4. *Tired?
    Why sleep when you can just as easily cry?!
  5. *Overstimulated or stressed?
    Life can be overwhelming.
  6. Uncomfortable?
    Too warm, too cold, tight clothes?
  7. Gas?
    Burp or fart coming?
  8. Check for injury?
    Bumps, fever, arms and legs okay?
  9. Just having a fussy day?
    Sometimes we're just having a bad day. Though my experience was that ours was usually crying about something specific.