It was tough coming up with only 5, so added a couple others. And they' re in no particular order.
  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Changed the way the center position would be played...FOREVER
  2. Lebron James
    Possibly the greatest ever. He excels in most every aspect of the game
  3. Michael Jordan
    Redefined the term "showtime"
  4. Larry Bird
    Made the most of his God given talent. Amazing vision, and uncanny ability to find the open man.
  5. Magic Johnson
    The greatest swingman ever, and could put on a show like no other
  6. Kevin Durant
    Already considered among the greatest shooters/scorers of all time
  7. Oscar Robertson
    Might not have had the enormous physical skills of these others, but maybe the smartest player to ever play. Averaged a triple double one season - and nearly did it 4 other times
  8. Steph Curry
    As young as he is, he has already emerged as one of the greatest scoring point guards in the game. And his 3 point shooting ability is other worldly!