Sometimes I drink beer, and sometimes I actually like it. This is not a list for beer snobs. @ohhstephanie
  1. Fat Tire.
    My current go-to. Plus, it always reminds me of my last semester as an undergrad, when some friends and I spent a few days in Chattanooga. Yes, we were there to present research at a biology conference, but we still had a kick-ass time.
  2. Emergency Drinking Beer
    I drink this 85% for the cool ass can, and 15% because it turned out to be a good beer to drink in the shower.
  3. Guinness.
    This one has the distinction of being the first alcoholic drink I ever had in front of my mom. Despite being 23, it still felt wrong.
  4. Yuengling.
    The first beer I routinely enjoyed drinking. And it's usually a cheap option at bars.
  5. Any free beer, ever.
    I'm not picky. Okay, that's a lie, but free is fantastic.