The Five Words I Heard the Most Times Today

Before you ask, no, I didn't keep track. But if I had, I'm pretty sure this list would look mostly the same.
  1. "Dad"
    As a father of four teenage sons, this one is inevitable. Highlights include, "Dad, is it OK if I have a bowl of cereal, a waffle, AND two Pop Tarts for breakfast or should I just eat a banana?"
  2. "Almost."
    Whether I'm at work or home, everything is constantly in a state of being completed. Maybe it's a southern thing, but nothing seems to get done very quickly here in Dixieland. "Are you done with that report yet?" "Almost." 😕
  3. "Shit."
    I don't consider myself one to abuse the use of curse words and my co-workers don't have potty mouths, but this one seems to rear its ugly head quite a few times each day. "Shit. Just shit."
  4. "Yes."
    "Yes" is a beautiful word. Even when "yes," means something bad ("Is he going to die?" "Yes."), it's still a beautiful word. I believe in affirmative action. Get it? Get it?
  5. "No."
    As many times as I hear "yes" on a daily basis, "no," is never far behind. Like Ado Annie, I'm just a guy who can't say no. Anybody know that reference?