1. The Martian by Andy Weir. I bought this book based on a movie trailer (Matt Damon directed by Ridley Scott). It's Castaway on Mars. It is one of the coolest books I've ever read. This guy has to survive on Mars by himself for almost two years. He has to learn how to grow potatoes and make water and fix things until... I won't say anymore.
  2. I like this season of True Detective. I don't care about the hacky parts. It's about an interesting part of California and the mystery iseems big and confusing in a good way and all the characters are fucked up and sad.
  3. I love Studio City and don't miss the other side of the hill. Ventura blvd is like combining Beverly and Third into one big street but parking is better. (Is this even true? Jesus Christ I'm a Californian.)
  4. We are sleep deprived. Our daughter wakes up in the 4 AM hour everyday. People must be so tired of hearing my wife and I talk about this and here I am talking about it some more. I apologize. Being a parent is tought oh here I go again shut up man
  5. Is Shake Shack good? When's Shake Shack coming to LA? Shake Shack? Did somebody say Shake Shack? Shake Shack?