5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

These are pretty random...
  1. 🍒 My beloved friend Kristen Bell (Trevor on the right). A blissful Summer San Francisco visit when she lived there in 2008. Kristen soon moved back to DC when she welcomed a son into the world. She lived joyfully, deeply, passionately, as if with some hidden and intoxicating purpose... 3 years later she died in an accident. I miss her daily.
  2. 🙋 "wtf" party in DC. Rubin (left), frequently turning up unannounced in a city near you!
  3. 🙈 Zebra print Snuggie® spotted in the wild.
  4. 🔥 )'( ... Headpiece on loan from my eminently more prepared Singaporean friend Mark.
  5. 🌆 Hometown.
  6. Bonus; here's another of me and Kristen ❤